We aim to develop creative and imaginative abilities to communicate ideas with some purpose and meaning, develop investigative, experimental and interpretative capabilities and encourage students to become more confident in using visual and tactile elements


 The aims of the Art Department

In the art department, we aim to:

    • develop creative and imaginative abilities to communicate ideas with some purpose and meaning in Art, Craft and design.
    • develop investigative, experimental and interpretative capabilities to improve practical skills of control when using materials, tools and techniques.
    • increase critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art, craft and design in different times and cultures.
    • encourage students to become more confident in using visual and tactile elements to record what is seen, felt and thought.



The department boasts three well equipped art rooms with light boxes, specialist furniture, computers, scanners, laser printers and we have a set of 32 laptops. Digital cameras have been recently purchased and photography has been re-introduced as an after school activity.

We have facilities for printmaking, Screen printing, kiln firing and batik work. All rooms have high quality displays of student work and project boards.


Teacher training

The department works in close partnership with Birmingham City University to train teachers throughout the academic year. We normally accommodate two trainees in term one and one trainee for the remaining two terms. This partnership is highly successful.



Art is taught to all Year 7, 8 and 9 students. The Department has adapted Schemes of Work in line with the National Curriculum and QCA requirements. Schemes of Work are updated regularly and projects are innovative and challenging for the students.



Enrichment Opportunity

In Year 9 an enrichment opportunity is offered to students working at level 5a and above to be entered for OCR Entry level Art and Design. This provides a pathway for GCSE candidates and allows students who are unable to study Art at Key Stage 4 to achieve a qualification at the end of year nine.



The new OCR GCSE specification is delivered to the current Year 10 students. This new qualification has allowed students to be quite inventive with the course structure. Students have been able to work collaboratively and produce very large pieces of art work to be sited inside and outside the college. Gifted and Talented students who work at grade B and above have the opportunity to sit one art examination Year 10 and a second GCSE in Year 11. This is a positive way forward for those students who opt to take art at AS and A level.




The department exhibits at the annual Roots schools art exhibition held at Leicester University and students from the college have been awarded prizes from the judging panel.

Student art work is on display throughout the college.

Gifted and Talented

Year 10 students are invited each Easter, through the Gifted and Talented Programme to apply for a place on a holiday drawing workshop at De Montfort University. Our students are always successful in securing places.

The department offers annual trips to sculpture parks, galleries and museums.



Visiting Artists

Visiting artists are encouraged and the department regularly offers workshops to Year 9, 10 and 11 students. The most recent artists delivering workshops: Philip Cox (Nottingham sculptor), Jennifer Collier (Manchester textile artist), Stephen Wright (Leicester painter) and the Leicester Print workshop (wood cut printing and collography prints.




Art Department

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