We aim to develop students’ confidence and competence to use the language effectively, both verbally and in writing, for the purpose of practical communication.

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We also aim to offer insights into the culture of the countries where the language is spoken and to encourage positive attitudes to speakers of other languages.



We offer 10 specialised classrooms. Each classroom has a ceiling mounted projector, an interactive whiteboard and storage space and offices for language teachers and admin assistants.



Judgemeadow was designated a Specialist Language College in September 1999. We therefore still continue to offer languages for all. At Key Stage Three, all students in Years 7 and 8 learn French. Students are taught in mixed-ability Tutor Groups in Year 7 and in ability groups in Year 8.


In each Year Group, there is a French Immersion class and students in this Tutor Group study French during Tutor time, Personal Development Curriculum (PDC) and ICT, in addition to their timetabled French lessons. This class sits their GCSE French examination in Year 9 and carry on with their second language (Spanish) up to year 11.


From Year 8, students study a second language from a choice of German, Gujarati, Panjabi or Spanish.

At Key Stage Four, all students currently follow the AQA syllabus for French, Spanish, German and Gujarati and the OCR syllabus for Gujurati.


Extra-Curricular Activities

The Department offers a range of visits to France and Spain at both Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four. These visits include a day visit to Boulogne (France) for Year 7 students, a residential trip to Normandy (France) for Year 8 students and a residential trip to Spain for Year 9 students. Students who study Gujurati and Panjabi in Year 8 have the opportunity to go on a cultural exploration of Leicester as a day visit.



Independent Learning

Independent learning will have a real impact on progress in Languages. All students at Key Stage Three have vocabulary booklets for each unit of work to support their work at home. 

All students at Key Stage Four have booklets for Speaking and Writing to help plan and revise for GCSE written and oral exams. All students at Key Stage Four have access to the AQA vocabulary lists for French, Spanish and German. This is found on the school computer systems 'O' drive in the Language section under 'GSCE vocab list revision'.

KS4 revision classes take place after school twice a week: every Tuesday with our French Assistant and every Thursday with our Spanish Assistant. Individual teachers can be seen for their own revision classes.

GCSE workbook/revision guides have been sold by the Language department. They are a fantastic and valuable tool to help improve reading, listening and writing skills at GSCE. GSCE past papers are available for listening and reading on the school 'O' drive in the Language section under 'GSCE past papers for all languages.

Students should also aim to consolidate the work done in class by completing tasks on a range of websites below:

In addition, Languages staff set homework on a regular basis.



To encourage more independent learning both inside and outside school, the MFL department takes out an annual subscription to the following vocabulary learning website which is proving both popular and motivational:

All KS4 students studying French, Spanish or German have their own unique login and password to the site where they can access and complete tasks based on key vocabulary prescribed by our chosen examination board.

Students learn small blocks of vocabulary at a time, and are then tested. For every successful block passed they are awarded points.  Pupils have access to a shareable class scoreboard so that they can compete against each other.

Regular practice on the website will greatly broaden students’ vocabulary and so help to improve performance in both the reading and listening GCSE examinations.


Language Assistants

We are fortunate at Judgemeadow to have Language Assistants in French, and Spanish.

As well as assisting in class and in group sessions, they also run after-school classes aimed particularly at Year 11 students. These are held in the Language Department.

Parents and carers are asked to encourage their child to attend these.