Pupil Premium

Coronavirus Closure - Years10 & 11

On the afternoon of the 10th September, the parents of a student in Year 10 and the parents of a student in Year 11 contacted the school to inform us that their child had tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the school contacted Public Health England and the Local Authority as per Government protocol to seek advice about the course of action that needed to be taken. The direction from Public Health England was as follows:


1. School will be closed to all Year 11 students for 14 days with immediate effect; Year 11 will return to school on Monday 28th September 2020. 

2. School will be closed to all Year 10 students for 14 days with immediate effect; Year 10 will return to school on Friday 25th September 2020. 

Judgemeadow receives additional funding for Pupil Premium students. The funds are used to narrow the achievement gap between Pupil Premium students and the general college population.

Pupil Premium support is available for students who:

  • Receive free school meals
  • Are looked after children
  • Are children of service personnel.

The use of the Pupil Premium Grant is the responsibility of each individual school/college. However, it is assumed that the funding should be used to remove barriers to learning by enhancing provision so that every child is able to participate fully in all aspects of college life. Every January, the college will complete a census which captures students in receipt of Pupil Premium support. This information is then sent to the Government for consideration.

In future, the use of Pupil Premium funding will form part of OFSTED inspections, whereby schools/colleges will have to demonstrate how effective they were at using their funding. Judgemeadow has recently introduced a new scheme of monitoring in the classroom, aimed at ensuring support for Pupil Premium students is available at all times. We are determined to continue to improve monitoring until there is no gap between the achievement of Pupil Premium students and their peers.

Please follow the links in table below to view the Pupil Premium accounts for both the current and previous academic years:

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