Child Protection

Child Protection Procedures at Judgemeadow

Judgemeadow operates a Child Protection Policy in line with legal requirements. As parents / carers you need to know that the Children Act 1989 requires all College staff to pass on information which raises concerns that a child may be at risk from non-accidental injury, neglect, emotional or sexual abuse.


Keeping Children Safe in Education Information for Parents/Carers leaflet

This procedure is intended to protect children and schools are encouraged to take the attitude that where there are grounds for concern it is better to be over-cautious than risk a child’s safety. They therefore have an unavoidable duty to contact the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Occasionally, this duty on the Principal and other Designated Senior Persons means that they must risk upsetting some parents by reporting a concern that, upon investigation, proves to be unfounded. In these circumstances, it is hoped that parents / carers will appreciate how difficult it is for schools to carry out this delicate responsibility and accept that they are acting in good faith and have to take these steps in the best interest of children. 

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the College follows the procedures set out by the Local Safeguarding Children Board in the ‘Every Child Matters: Change for Children’ guidance. This guidance is underpinned by the 2004 Children Act. Detailed information is available on the website

The H.M. Government publication: ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ provides the guidance for child protection procedures at Judgemeadow.  

In most cases of child protection the Governing Body will delegate responsibility to the Principal.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Document