Student Voice

Student Voice

Our students have clear views relating to their learning and are encouraged to feel confident to articulate these.


We believe they should have a strong voice in decisions relating to their learning.  This engagement is through Student Councils, feedback on their own learning, reviewing their own targets and work and is monitored both in departments and as a whole school.

Developing students' self esteem through giving voice to their opinions and sharing ideas is an integral part of our PDC programme.  Status is given to Student Voice, with involvement of staff, students and parents.

We have a Student Council for each year group made up of 2 elected members of each form (1 boy, 1 girl).  These students are elected to serve for 2 years.  From each Year Council 4 members (2 boys, 2 girls) are elected to the College Council.

Each Year group has the opportunity to select their own project or concern to work on and, in the past, students from Year Councils have had input into the possible changing of school uniform, the development of our allotment, anti bullying and anti litter campaigns both in school and in the wider community.

Members of these bodies have represented the College at Area Student Conferences and attended events arranged by other local schools.  The College Council was also part of the interview process when our current Principal was appointed.

Successful projects include our Olympic events, our themed lunches which included a Jubilee Tea and provision of an extra lunch time study room.

We are currently re-launching our Environmental Group, creating Anti Bullying Mentors, and as a college council discussing the design and content of our student planner.